Arts Center at Duck Creek
PO Box 590, 127 Squaw Road, 
East Hampton, NY 11937

The Arts Center at Duck Creek was founded by:
Ira Barocas, Director
Pamela Bicket, Secretary
Loring Bolger, Vice President
Zachary Cohen, Director
Jess Frost, President and Executive Director

Our Neighborhood Sponsors:
Sydney Albertini
JE Dougherty Services
Mike Orhan Graphics

Programming at The Arts Center at Duck Creek
is made possible through the generous support of
the Willem de Kooning Foundation, the HILO Foundation and people like you.

($100 donation or more)

Ira Bezoza
Patty Parsons
Donna Frost
Phyllis Kriegel
Joseph Bongiorno
David Steadly
Peter Bals
John Potter
Gabrielle Vaughan Crumbling
Darlene Salatto Rose
Bill & Beverly Feigelman
Nick & Nancy Pearson
Joan Baum
Phyllis Braff
Darren Seirer & Dominique Schulte