THE SHOULDER SEASON is an extension of our East Enders series curated by musician and music critic Peter Watrous. The young, up and coming musicians performing these three intimate concerts will offer a more diverse and exploratory program, blurring genre lines.

Please note: Due to the intimate nature of these performances, the programs will be positioned for indoor seating, which is limited. Reservations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis and are limited. Contact for more information. Each show will be two approximately 45 minute sets.

Saturday, October 19, 5-7pm
Carmen Rothwell:
Brooklyn musicians Ryan Beckley (Guitar), Carmen Rothwell (bass) and Jason Burger (drum set) have been performing together as Scree since 2016. The trio’s music draws on a variety of influences including the jazz tradition and American labor ballads to try and make sense of living through what feels these days like the end of an age. The group’s debut release, “Live at The Owl,” will come out November 8.

Saturday, September 21, 5-7pm
Da Yeon Seok:
Seok is a young Korean percussionist who is equally at home in the jazz world as she is in the contemporary classical world. She graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, and received a Master’s degree at NYU.She’s played with many of the important figures in the modern world of improvised music in New York, and she often draws on Korean music and its relationship to the western music she works in.

Saturday, September 28, 5-7pm
Vanisha Gould:
A powerful singer and writer, Gould will lead a trio through her own material and through jazz standards, referencing pop styles and the deep linage of jazz singing that includes Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday.